The Artize logo is a property of Jaquar Group. In general it’s only used by its official projects and products.

Artize logo usage guidelines

Artize is a registered trademark (®) of Jaquar & Company Pvt. Ltd. The Artize logo itself is a property of the Jaquar Group. The logo and the brand name “Artize” can only be used by the Jaquar Group on their products, websites, and publications.

Under the following conditions, third parties may use the Jaquar logo as well:

  • The logo can only be used to point to the brand Artize. When used with a link on a web page, it should point to the URL
  • You will visualize and promote your own branding more prominent than you use the Artize logo. The Artize logo only can be used as a secondary brand, which means it has to be clear for an average viewer that this is not an official Artize or Jaquar Group website, publication or product.
  • The logo is used unaltered, without fancy enhancements, in original colors, original typography, and always complete.
  • In case you use the logo for a purpose other than mentioned above, you always have to contact us and ask for explicit permission.
  • Our grant of permission at one point does not prevent us from revoking that permission at a later point.
  • You agree that Artize owns its brand features and that you will not challenge or attempt to challenge them.